Our Service

ShenXinDa not only provide service of part design analysing, mold design, mold making and parts production, but also have good resources for prototyping, printing, plating, painting, assembly.

Part Design Analysing

We can detect defects such as shrinking marks, ejector marks, weld line, warpage, flow marks and others through Part Design Analysing before mold design, in this way customers can save money and time for his projects.

Mold Design & Making

Our engineers have an average experience of 10+ in mold design, The team consists of 20 engineers who have designed up to 8000 sets of molds, including high precision molds, multi-cavity molds, 2-shot molds.

We have capacity of making 1,500 sets of molds yearly, our molds mostly relative to household appliances, electronics, machinery, medical, auto and so on, 60% of molds are exported worldwide.

Plastic & Metal parts production

We have 30 sets of injection machine and 6 casting machine to produce plastic parts and metal components for our valued customers.

Secondary Processing Service

Shenxinda have good resources to provide the second processing according to customers’ requirements, such as prototyping, plating, printing, hot stamping, ultrasonic welding, assembly, etc.



Contact: David Wen



Email: david@shenxinda-ind.com

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